Who We Are

Rated Awesome is an online gaming community committed to providing some of the most awesome servers across our favorite games! We do that through our abusive experienced staff, dedicated members, and some of the most unusual servers out there! Join our cult group today to get involved!

Our Story

When I (Blackglade) first started playing Team Fortress 2 (TF2), one the things that kept me interested was the community. Community Servers were by far my favorite part about TF2 because it put power in the hands of gamers to change the game however they wanted to. As the server owner, you were in complete control of how players experienced TF2 whether you wanted to change something small like lower the gravity or completely alter the game with a randomizer mod! As a trader, I became a regular on several community servers and when those shutdown because of one reason or another, I decided to start my own.

Taking inspiration from some of my favorite experiences playing on community servers, Rated Awesome (RA) initially began in March of 2012 as a private project between a friend of mine and I. While the community, initially, was only meant for a few close friends, we quickly grew as the server started to see regular traffic. Over the next few months, we would expand our server, develop a website, and even hire a few admins to moderate the increased traffic. By July of 2012, my friend ended up stepping down because of personal reasons and I took over as full time owner. By 2013, Rated Awesome had grown to 2 game servers, a fully functioning website/forum, and even a donator system!

As the community grew in size, so did the amount of work required to maintain it. By mid-2014, RA had reached its peak; growing to 5 dedicated game servers along the East Coast with an active base of 200+ players. We maintained 1500 unique vistors per month, a dedicated forum system, and about 10 on staff community members monitoring our services. This was around the time my personal workload started to increase. As I transitioned into my senior year of high school, I would become less and less proactive in maintaining the community. By the end of 2014, traffic had started to decline as the cost of maintaining the servers started to rise. By June of 2015, Rated Awesome had unofficially shutdown after weeks of inactivity due to personal and financial reasons...

Although RA had completely shutdown for the next few years, most of our regulars kept in touch. In December of 2016, after recieving a handful of emails from old members, I started to work on getting Rated Awesome active again. We officially opened our doors to the public in March of 2017, almost 4 years after this group was founded!


We only have one... Don't Be A Dick! Often referred to as Wheaton's Law or The Golden Rule, this rule encompasses all behavior that could be regarded as dick-ish in nature by any individual. When in doubt, we encourage you to consult the advice of regulars/members to determine if your behavior is appropriate!

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